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Becoming Mrs. Kouri (eBook)

Becoming Mrs. Kouri (eBook)


EUROPE: 5,79 €

Format : ePUB  / 202 p.

Language : ENGLISH

ISBN : 978-2-925019-08-4


Jennifer falls hard for Riza Kouri, a suave Dom who promises pleasure and pain. Over time, he brings her fantasies to life, and he opens her mind and body to new understandings of sex and love. However, Jennifer discovers that her Master has his own desires, and he will challenge her boundaries to achieve them. She must decide whether she is willing to accept the extraordinary challenge of becoming Mrs. Kouri.

NOUVEAU ! Optez pour la cueillette chez l'éditeur et épargnez.*
* Résidents du Québec seulement. 
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