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Slaves to Greed (Audio)

Slaves to Greed (Audio)


EUROPE : 5,79€

Format : Unabridged Audiobook (MP3)

Lenght: 5 hrs and 57mins

Language : ENGLISH 18+

ISBN: 978-2-925019-20-6


Kara’s captors treated her without mercy: bound and gagged, and even worse, undressed her unceremoniously and dressed her again in the sluttiest of outfits, punished her too, showed little regard for her body or even her life. They reduced her to nothing more than merchandise, property of an underground corporate entity white slavers call The Warehouse. If she doesn’t get out soon, she could find herself sold to the highest bidder and disappear for good.

NOUVEAU ! Optez pour la cueillette chez l'éditeur et épargnez.*
* Résidents du Québec seulement. 
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