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The Abduction - Fetlife Ed. (Paperback)

The Abduction - Fetlife Ed. (Paperback)


EUROPE : 6,19€
Format : Paperback

Language : ENGLISH (18+)

ISBN : 978-2-924286-97-5


"The Abduction of Lust Pet is a detailed narrative of the journey of Lilly from an unremarkable, total waste of space and air, of no redeeming social merit of net negative useless liability, cloying inferior dependent inexperienced female, slowly transformed by her captors into the feminine ideal, incredibly versatile insatiable cocksucking whore." – sarknight


Including Lust Data, Last Gasp and more!

NOUVEAU ! Optez pour la cueillette chez l'éditeur et épargnez.*
* Résidents du Québec seulement. 
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