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We are the ones: the dharma bums, bad boys, dirty girls, reivers, and sexual outlaws. Never deceived by decorum, we chose the road less taken. When others embraced the light, and also the darkness. We went high, we also went low. We discovered joy in sorrow, and pleasure through pain. And in the doing, we found the hidden well spring of deep desire, and the mind’s true liberation. We pushed past the temporal... and stepped into the tempest, the shortest road to higher self. We are here because we dared to care, and even share, our secrets, our plunder, our booty, with the rest.

If you are taking the time to read this, you have gone down your own introspective path. You have traveled far in such a short time.

The Buddha once said, "It is better to travel than to arrive." I wouldn't know. I'm no philosopher, but I have my own words: no Oz, only Yellow Brick Road."

Here's to your own sacred journeys, dear pilgrims. May we never arrive.

I am deeply curious of all people. I write for Darkside Magazine KSB, and Num. Feel free to say hello. I look forward to meeting you.


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Howard Smith

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