NUM Éditeur is a Montreal-based publishing house, founded on March 18th, 2013 by French-Canadian author Gaëtan Picard. As a writer, he has published twelve books, from fantasy to thriller and erotica. He also worked in the advertising world for many years, including ten at SID LEE, in Montreal. Alternately illustrator, web designer and copywriter, he has successfully touched all aspects of communication. In 2020, he releases two short books in the NUM BDSM collection under the name of Arthur Renard.

At NUM Éditeur, our fetish is writing and authors are at the heart of it. This is why we are offering them a five-year contract and 25% in royalties of the net revenue for the first 1000 copies sold, all titles combined, and 50% for the subsequent sales. Therefore, by choosing to work with NUM, each author is given the opportunity to become a full partner of the house.

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